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Visualization Enhancements

Interactive charts

We are excited to announce the launch of interactive visualizations of Local Prevalence and Health Risks on our website. The interactivity will allow for quick look up of places where you frequent or plan to go to on a trip without entering in the individual addresses or even if you don't know the addresses.

Pointing at a location on the map in the Local Prevalence viz shows the estimated incidence of the selected disease or other data within a 5 minute walking radius of that location i.e., your area and hence the notation /area.

Pointing at a location on the map in the Health Risks viz shows the estimated exposure risk in an hour to the selected disease or other data, hence the notation /hour. In addition, the /area Local Prevalence Index and the /care Healthcare Index are also displayed. Further, for My Bub users, the Health Risks are personalized based on their health history.

These improvements to how to inform users also means we can update the data more frequently and personalize it – two frequent asks from our users.

Improved representation for suburbs

Based on feedback we are improving the data representation in suburbs to better align with how users interpret the charts. Going forward the data displayed for the suburbs will prioritize the data from areas closer to the urban center than the rural side of the county. This should make the data more relatable for everyday use.


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