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COVID-19, Flu, RSV, Allergies, Air quality, ...

What if you could get the latest information filtered down to what's relevant to your campus and your community with automatic alerts for significant events that demand attention?

Hubbub Sentinel monitors the most comprehensive set of safety information and distills it into intuitive tools for your website, emails and apps... and for the peace of mind of your campus and community.

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Check your site

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Info at a Glance

All relevant community and staff safety information
in one place

Site Console

Manage & publish your site safety information on the web and mobile 

Device Support

Use everywhere – on your existing hallway signboards, web, mobile apps and emails

Comprehensive Coverage

All the health, environmental and personal safety information compiled together

Easy Integration

Can be integrated into your existing workflows and automations without IT work

Simple to Use

Intuitive presentation of what matters to your campus and your community



Why join Hubbub Sentinel?


Parents, students, employees – all want to know what's happening on premises so they can feel safe and confident about their daily life


Save time and get better insights into premises safety by using the dedicated Hubbub Sentinel platform instead of  ad-hoc spreadsheets

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When unexpected events happen, get automatic alerts on email, SMS or chat so you can get help and get the word to the ones that would be impacted


Micro-communities like offices, schools and churches both contribute to and rely on the greater community. Working together we can ensure the safety of all 

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Get started for Free

  • Sentinel Essential

    Best for Churches & Community centers
    Free Plan
    • Live health risk & safety guidance
    • Community outreach & insights
    • Easy to integrate on website & email
    • Daily updates for your premises
    • Peace of mind for visitors & staff
  • Sponsorship Available

    Sentinel Network

    Every month
    Ideal for Schools & Small Businesses
     7 day free trial
    • Manage your campus health safety
    • 30-day forecast and guidance
    • Unified local & campus view
    • Communicate safety measures
    • Add your logo for instant recognition
  • Sentinel Enterprise

    One-time setup fee
    • Per seat pricing for enterprises
    • Dedicated portal & SLA
    • Personalized monitoring & alerts
    • Custom analysis & visualizations
    • Integrated with Office & Google
Network - Pricing
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