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Tools for managing personal health

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Tools for managing personal health

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Local Prevalence

/area Index estimates the number of contagious persons living within a 5 minute walk in your area
Updated daily 4 AM Pacific Time

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  • Why can't I update the data for my Hub?
    Authorized administrators of a Hub can update the data for a Hub. When a user signs up as the administrator of a Hub, we review the account and authorize access to ensure only appropriate representatives of the associated campuses can manage the data in Hubs.
  • Can I manage multiple Hubs?
    A user in Hubbub World can be the authorized representative of multiple campuses and manage relevant Hubs from a single account. You can switch between various Hubs using the arrows in the top-right of the Console.
  • How are Hubs assigned?
    Hubs are associated with campus sites (locations) such as schools, churches, businesses, etc. This allows users of a campus and the neighboring community to easily refer to all the updates for their hub using a convenient name in Hubbub World and a standard URL on the web. Hubs are also configured hierarchically based on geographic and other structures which we will make available shortly. This would allow users to access related Hubs together for convenience and to get a better understanding.
  • Can I browse and view any Hub?
    Public information about Hubs is available for browsing on the web and other Hubbub World products and services. Private information may also managed by administrators of Hubs in Hubbub World and such information is made available only to users with authorized access.
  • Can I use Hubbub World without subscribing to a paid plan?
    My Bub, Hello & Together are provided free for personal use. To add Hubbub Sentinel resources such as widgets to your website and emails, subscription to the free Sentinel Essential plan is required. To manage custom data for your Hubbub Sentinel hub, subscription to the Sentinel Network plan is required. To deploy Hubbub Sentinel across your multi-site organization, subscription to the Sentinel Enterprise plan is required. If you have custom needs not covered by these plans, please contact us. Anyone can access and view the public information on Hubbub World without an account or subscription.
  • How do I upgrade / downgrade Hubbub Sentinel subscription plans?
    Step 1: Please go to the Plans & Billing page using the Hubbub Sentinel Member's menu Step 2: Expand your current subscription plan and click on Cancel Subscription Step 3: Click on Buy New Subscription and select your new subscription plan Step 4: Optionally complete payment form
  • What are the data sources behind the Hubbub Sentinel?
    A wide array of sources ranging from governments to public institutions, private businesses and individuals are used to power Hubbub Sentinel. Members of Hubbub Sentinel use the Member Dashboard to manage their own data for use in conjunction with Hubbub Sentinel. Data presented on our website, widgets and APIs are the latest for the relevant location. At present, we do not provide access to historical data.
  • How is the data on the Hubbub Sentinel protected?
    We use the latest data security practices to ensure all Hubbub Sentinel data is stored and processed in HIPAA-compliant infrastructure. Access to your Hub's data is limited to the Hub's administrators whose identity and authority are verified at account creation.
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