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Safe living for Seniors

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage communities across the country along with Influenza & RSV seasonal epidemics, many seniors are understandably concerned about their safety and well-being. One way to mitigate these concerns is to consider relocating to a safe town that offers a high level of protection against the virus.

But what makes a town "safe" for seniors?

There are a few key factors to consider:

  1. Access to healthcare: One of the most important things for seniors during a pandemic is access to healthcare. Look for towns that have hospital infrastructure, as well as a sufficient number of healthcare workers to treat patients.

  2. Low rates of infection: Another key factor to consider is the town's infection rate. Look for towns that have successfully managed to contain the spread of the viruses, as this indicates a strong emphasis on public health measures and a lower risk of exposure for seniors.

  3. Supportive community: The support of a close-knit community can be incredibly valuable for seniors during a difficult time like a pandemic. Look for towns that have a reputation for being welcoming and supportive of seniors, with organizations and services that cater specifically to the needs of older adults.

  4. Access to amenities: While the pandemic has caused many businesses and amenities to shut down, it's still important for seniors to have access to the things they need to live comfortably. Look for towns that have grocery stores, pharmacies, and other essential services within easy reach.

  5. Good air quality: Poor air quality can have serious health implications for seniors, particularly those with respiratory conditions. Look for towns that have good air quality, as this can help to reduce the risk of respiratory complications from Influenza Like Illnesses (ILI).

Now let's evaluate a number of communities across the nation where Sunrise Senior Living, an excellent nationwide operator of senior facilities, has senior homes.

Sunrise Senior Living locations referenced below

This analysis is not sponsored or endorsed by Sunrise Senior Living and the communities with the senior homes are used as representative of their communities similar to any other community essentials such as grocery stores and restaurants.

Sunrise of Newton

Massachusetts has increasing levels of Influenza Like Illnesses (ILI) including Flu and COVID-19 though RSV is on the decline. However, the levels in Newton on the outskirts of Boston can support regular activities assuming adequate safety precautions are practiced.

Sunrise of Fairfax

D.C. area has record levels of Influenza Like Illnesses (ILI). However, the relative sparseness of the Fairfax county location helps in keeping local health risks lower allowing for regular activities with adequate safety precautions.

Sunrise at North Hills

North Carolina and RTP are at moderately high levels of Influenza Like Illnesses (ILI) though RSV is declining making the high prevalence of Influenza and COVID-19 the primary concerns. The health risks still make indoor masking a prerequisite for regular activities.

Sunrise Senior Living (Deerfield Beach, Florida)

Miami is having a respite from all forms of persistent record levels of Influenza Like Illnesses (ILI) including Influenza and RSV. However, the high prevalence of COVID-19 still requires masking indoors for regular activities.