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Introducing bub+

A subscription that makes your bub Personal Health Safety Assistant even smarter

Over the past year, we developed the bub Personal Health Safety Assistant for those that want to protect themselves from health risks like COVID-19 but do not want to be constantly checking the latest data or research. Many of you signed up for bub and provided valuable feedback that helped make the product better. Based on the feedback, we are launching the bub+ subscription with a suite of features that make bub even smarter.

bub+ Personal Health Safety Assistant subscription includes:

  • 30-day Forecast for health risks starting with the respiratory illnesses that matter this winter – COVID-19, Influenza and RSV

  • 30-day Guidance for precautions in common scenarios for respiratory illnesses

  • Community Risk for early warning on illnesses circulating in your community

  • Risk Alerts via email for when it matters

  • More features including an AI bot – coming soon

30-day Forecast

bub+ brings you the only nationwide forecast for COVID-19 and other health risks. Powered by hubbub's advanced models that factor in the epidemiology, environmental factors and social behaviors, the forecast enables you to plan your activities safely and with confidence – whether travelling, scheduling doctor visits, getting together with friends, or whatever else life brings your way.

Your forecast is personalized based on your profile and uses the /hour metric – the number of risky exposures you are estimated to get by spending an hour in public spaces.

The forecast is available for all locations in the US with instant buttons to check on your home, work or school.

30-day Guidance

bub+ also brings you the scenario-based guidance you are familiar with from bub, but now for 30 days ahead.

The scenario guidance provides you recommendations based on your health and lifestyle at a glance to help you plan your precautions.

No more guessing how many masks or tests to pack for a trip. No more getting caught unprepared and worrying after an event. Play it safe!

Community Risk

In our daily lives, we interact with hundreds briefly and dozens more for considerable duration. In these interactions, we share the air we breathe, the surfaces we touch and more. Each of these interactions is a chance for a risky exposure.

With Community Risk, we integrate all your typical sources of risk to provide a convenient early warning signal – your family, friends, coworkers and classmates help you keep safe as much as you keep them safe.

Risk Alerts

bub Email Updates
bub Risk Alert emails

One of the biggest annoyances of keeping track of health risks is knowing when something matters enough that you should care.

With bub+, Risk Alerts are automatically sent daily when your health risk is high in your home location and taper off to slower updates when the risk is less.

bub+ takes care of alerting you to what risk matters when, so you can enjoy life.

AI bot and more

Soon bub+ will also include an AI bot that will answer your questions on health safety in a comprehensive manner. And we have even more new features coming up.

bub+ subscription

bub+ subscription brings all these features for a monthly subscription fee of $3.99 or $39.99 annually – that's 2 months free.

Subscription is billed securely to your Credit Card or Apple Pay via Stripe.

You can also manage your subscription through your personalized billing portal to make changes as necessary.

Looking forward to building up this new world of health safety with our community.

Together we create a safer world


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