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Hubbub Weekly Update

November 6, 2023


The past week saw some states flip-flopping in prevalence while others have established a sustained increasing trend marking the onset of the Winter wave.

COVID prevalence flip-flopped in most states last week

States showing steady increase in prevalence:

🔺 Florida

🔺 Indiana

🔺 Kansas

🔺 Maryland

🔺 Michigan

🔺 North Carolina

🔺 Ohio

🔺 Pennsylvania

🔺 South Carolina

🔺 Wisconsin

While COVID prevalence is not trending up steadily across all states yet, it is already the case in 10 states
The Winter wave seems to be starting off first in the Midwest.

Please use appropriate precautions – get vaccinated, improve indoor air quality and mask up.

Only 5% of the eligible population has received the updated COVID-19 shots!

Source: Reuters

Save yourself and your community trips to the hospital this winter. Get vaccinated


Prevalence is still low almost everywhere and not trending up anywhere.

Consult with your physician on getting the flu shot.

Flu prevalence this past week was at 50% of the prevalence same time last year and did not trend up or down for another week


States with very high and increasing RSV prevalence:

♦️ California with San Francisco at up to 117 /area

♦️ Florida with Miami at up to 106 /area

♦️ Louisiana with New Orleans at up to 81 /area

♦️ Texas with Houston at up to 78 /area

RSV prevalence continued to increase this past week in most states except for the Midwest where it appears to have peaked

Bringing the Community to Health Safety

Community Risk
Community Risk

Every day we spend much of our time in our homes with our family, but we also spend considerable time at work or at school. Together these groups constitute the most significant portion of one's community and one's exposure risk. Hence, hubbub is introducing the ability to add all members of your community to provide a comprehensive and convenient Community Risk solution.

Add your family members and invite in your coworkers and classmates to My Bub!

Week Ahead

📈 The Winter COVID-19 surge is now starting with the Midwest states first.

💉 Get the COVID-19 vaccine to prepare for the Winter surge.

🗓️ Check with your doctor on getting the Flu shot as Influenza prevalence is still not showing a secular increasing trend.

📊 Get My Bub health risk forecast to plan your month ahead:


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