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Hubbub is now on ChatGPT

Live health risk and safety guidance from your favorite chat bot

In just 25 weeks, ChatGPT has changed the world! We will never feel the same about knowledge, learning and the world the same as in the BC (Before ChatGPT) ever again. And starting today, Hubbub is bringing our Health risk and safety guidance to your ChatGPT chat via our Hubbub plugin for ChatGPT. We are thrilled to be chosen among the first 100 plugins to go live on the Plugin store.

Hubbub ChatGPT plugin in the Plugin Store

ChatGPT plugins are rolling out gradually. If you have a ChatGPT Plus subscription you should get access to the Plugin Store shortly. Find and install the Hubbub plugin from the Plugin Store and have fun. It's free!

Coming soon... Watch for our videos of fun new ways of using Hubbub with other plugins on ChatGPT.

Let's say it once more! Hubbub in now on ChatGPT

Together, we create A Safer World


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