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Free COVID-19 Rapid Tests to every home in California

COVID-19 Rapid Tests At-home Rapid Antigen Tests are a key addition to our arsenal to address the COVID-19 pandemic as outlined in the Biden Administration's Winter Plan. Having Rapid Tests readily available at home would enable possible exposures to be ascertained with the least risk of further transmission, whether for adults or kids, right at home. Further, the antiviral pills launched by Pfizer & Merck need to be started within days of exposure to be effective which is impossible without starting the testing within the first 24 hours of exposure.

Upcoming Surge Today, California has a relatively low daily case rate of 8 per 1000. However, there has been a uptick in the positivity rate to 3% and the national trend indicates another surge in the coming months. The new Omicron variant that has been already detected in California is further expected to compound the upcoming surge.

10 Rapid Tests in every Household's mailbox today California has led the nation in proactive science-based economically-sound management of this pandemic. As the greatest provincial economy in the world, the state has an adequate surplus which could be greatly leveraged to keep the economy moving. Delivering 10 Rapid Tests for FREE directly in the mailbox of every residential address in the state would create a culture of testing-at-home that can could then draw on the planned ready availability of Rapid Tests via various community and commercial channels. Let's get 10 Rapid Tests into every mailbox in California! Please sign your approval.


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