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Hubbub Weekly Update

October 8, 2023


Prevalence declined in all states again this past week with the highest decline in:

📍 New York

📍 New Jersey

📍 Massachusetts

📍 Florida

📍 California

However, prevalence continues to be high in almost all metro area requiring adequate safety precautions.

Novavax COVID-19 vaccine granted EUA
Novavax COVID-19 vaccine granted EUA

The FDA authorized the 2023 COVID-19 vaccine from Novavax based on the XBB.1.5 variant this week and CDC immediately recommended it giving the public a third option not based on mRNA technology.

An excellent explainer on the Novavax vaccine from Jeff Gilchrist:

Also this week, Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman who invented the mRNA technology underlying the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in recognition of the 20 million lives saved by the vaccines.

Starting in November, we do anticipate an increase in COVID prevalence across the country. Now is the time to order your free rapid test from

Here's the results of the recent poll among our Hubbub community:

Tests shipped by may be past the printed expiry date. However, their extended expiry date can be checked on FDA's website at:


Moderate but stable Flu prevalence in:

🟡 New York with NYC at 11 /area

🟡 Florida with Miami at up to 10 /area

🟡 DC at up to 8 /area

🟡 Washington with Seattle at 6 /area

⏳ Flu season is not starting yet

💉 Ask your doctor on when to get the shot


📈 States with very high and increasing prevalence:

♦️ Louisiana with New Orleans at up to 75 /area

♦️ Florida with Miami at up to 80 /area

♦️ Michigan with Detroit at up to 47 /area

♦️ Georgia with Atlanta at up to 42 /area

♦️ DC at up to 95 /area

〜 States with high but stabilizing RSV prevalence:

🔶 Texas with Houston at up to 30 /area

🔶 California with SF at up to 20 /area & LA at 10

🔶 New York with NYC at up to 16 /area

💉 Get the RSV shot – now available for kids & seniors

Going beyond Local Prevalence

At Hubbub we are now ensuring our data and apps are in sync with the full 360º of the health risk cycle from underlying causes to ongoing prevalence to healthcare outcomes.

This will allow Hubbub users to pursue their life and business activities with confidence and foresight to minimize the impact of health risks on their plans.

Look forward to our new features launching soon!

Sentinel Intelligence

We are happy to announce the launch of Sentinel Intelligence custom solutions:

Healthcare Facilities
Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities

Want to know when to expect the next surge of COVID-19 patients or if it would be happening at the same time as influenza hospitalizations?

Sentinel Intelligence can help you plan your resources months ahead based on evolving community health risks and even the resource utilization of other healthcare facilities in your community.

Enterprise Planning
Enterprise Planning

Enterprise Planning

Have a nationwide workforce in warehouses and offices? You know how sick leave and availability of contingency labor impact your KPIs, especially in the winter.

Let Sentinel Intelligence help you estimate resources and optimize your budget ahead of time.

Return To Office
Return To Office

Return To Office

Coffee badging is just the latest innovation by employees to maintain their work-life balance while corporate strives to enable in-person collaboration and innovation.

Skip the guess work on what will work. Use Sentinel Intelligence to create dynamic Return To Office schedules that work for everyone.

Week Ahead

The Summer-Fall COVID-19 surge continues to decline across the country though it is still very high in metros.

Get the COVID-19 vaccine to prepare for the Winter surge starting in November.

Talk to your doctor about when to get the FLUs hot given the season has not yet started.

RSV vaccines are now available for both babies and seniors.

Get My Bub forecast to plan your month ahead:


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