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Together we create a safer world

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Sentinel Intelligence

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Healthcare Facilities

Want to know when to expect the next surge of COVID-19 patients or if it would be happening at the same time as influenza hospitalizations? 
Sentinel Intelligence can help you plan your resources months ahead based on evolving community health risks and even the resource utilization of other healthcare facilities in your community. 

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Enterprise Planning

Have a nationwide workforce in warehouses and offices? You know how sick leave and availability of contingency labor impact your KPIs, especially in the winter.
Let Sentinel Intelligence help you estimate resources and optimize your budget ahead of time.

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Return To Office

Coffee badging is just the latest innovation by employees to maintain their work-life balance while corporate strives to enable in-person collaboration and innovation.
Skip the guess work on what will work. Use Sentinel Intelligence to create dynamic Return To Office schedules that work for everyone.


What if you could get the latest known unknowns relevant to your business and your customers distilled into actionable insights?

Hubbub monitors an expansive suite of evolving knowledge using the latest innovations in AI algorithms and automations and distills them into custom analysis and tools for resource planning, personnel and budgeting for your business.

Innovate with Sentinel Intelligence

Infectious diseases, Environmental pollution, Weather, Crime, ...

Hubbub's unique comprehensive visibility into health risks

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